Lab Members:


Ernst Niebur, Ph.D.

Post-doctoral Fellows

Nobuhiko Wagatsuma

Graduate Students

Brian Hu

Danny Jeck

Current Rotation Students

Eric Carlson

Visiting Faculty and Students

Junsong Wang

Affiliated Graduate Students

Former Post-Doctoral Fellows

Stefan Mihalas

Derrick Parkhurst

Tim Horiuchi

Hartmut Schuetze

Peter Steinmetz

Petr Marsalek

Former Graduate Students

Grant Gillary

Sudarshan Ramenahalli

Arup Roy

Hideaki Shimazaki

Shawn Mikula

Edward Craft

Yi Dong

Former Undergraduate Students

James Su

Klinton Law

Irwin Law

Joey Baick

Lab Photos

Jeopardy: What happens when you don't have a tripod?

What? Don't tell me the file server went down, Again!

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